Han Kola! Hello Friend!

Han mitakuyepi,
Cante Wasteya nape ciyuza pe. Lakol caye mitawaki, Cangleska Waste Win nahan Jordan Daniel emaciyapi!

Hello my relatives, I greet you with a good heart. My Lakota name is Cangleska Waste Win (meaning: good hoop, “makes the hoop good, repairs the hoop”) and Jordan Daniel is my name.

The purpose of this blog is to offer my perspective regarding what is going on in DC and around the country pertaining to issues and events important to Tribal members and communities. All too often, I have heard from Tribal members that they don’t know what is going on in Washington, DC or that they didn’t know about conferences, hearings, or events that are taking place. Whether it’s due to limited access to resources, lack of awareness, or not enough notice from DC, there is a disconnect.  My plan is to write about what is going on and to distribute as much information as I can to Indian Country, so that we feel like we are in the loop, even if the issue or topic doesn’t directly affect us right now. As we know, everything is related and many of the things going on end up effecting things that are important to all of us at some level. We need to know about them!

I will try to communicate about hearings, conferences, protests/rallies, educational forums, running/health activities and random informational posts about conferences, events, road races and related functions across the nation for Indian Country. Also, I want to highlight stories from Tribal members on a variety of topics.  This blog leads into my next project which I hope to have completely developed before the end of the year.  More information to come on that!

I have noticed in the last 5 years, a stronger, louder voice from Indian Country as a whole more than ever.  Something is different.  We have pride, we have a stronger voice, and we all have something to fight for. We all want better. We all want our future generations to have more opportunities. We all have to work together to attain that goal.

I just want to express my passion and devotion to elevating the issues that we, as Tribal members and first occupants of a truly magical land, are currently facing.  We have been through so much throughout our history and have experienced great trauma as well as great joy.  Talking about our problems, successes, concerns, and our triumphs will allow us to connect and stay strong across Indian Country as a people. We are the beneficiaries of a strong oral tradition. When we hear these stories or pass on this information, it will bring us together and allow us to direct our power toward where change can happen.

The next blog will be covering the 1964 Olympian, gold medalist (only Native American/American to win the 10k gold) from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, Billy Mills, National Spokesperson for Running Strong for American Indian Youth,  “Team Running Strong” marathon runners for the Marine Corps Marathon this coming weekend (October 24/25) at the Honoring Ceremony and Race day events.

Lastly, I am asking for your help to build this community. If there is something going on in DC, email me at nativeindc@gmail.com and I will make sure the topic or issue gets mentioned.  If something is going on in DC that I may not know about relating to an issue or subject, please let me know!

Mitakuye Oyasin!

Jordan Marie Brings Three White Horses Daniel
Kul Wicasa Oyate/Lower Brule Sioux Tribe
Twitter: @_NativeInDC
Email: nativeindc@gmail.com


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