Recently Proposed Budget Deal— Will Indian Country get back what was wrongfully taken…again?

Several years ago, Congress made drastic and random cuts to important social and defense programs as part of the consequences of a failed budget deal.  The results in Indian Country, an already underfunded population in the United States, was devastating.  Tribes had to juggle already tight budgets to cover cuts to essential services.  Federally recognized Tribes are to be at 2.5% instead of the 5% for sequestration cuts, but in 2013, Tribes were held to the full 5%.  The Indian Health Service (IHS), the primary health provider in Indian Country, was subject to these cuts at 5%.  Tribes reported increased death rates, cuts to important treatments (like dialysis and more), and even having to have Tribal members share ambulance services (pregnant woman and a heart attack victim)!

The recently proposed budget deal hopes to restore some of the sequester money.  How that is allocated to the programs effected has yet to be determined.  Will Natives get back what was taken? TIME TO LOBBY! Contact your Congressional members!

Find your U.S. Representative and U.S. Senator! Click here.

Please see article for more details on what’s happening on the Hill with our Congressional members!


One comment

  1. Terra Daniel · October 28, 2015

    Great read on the sequestration. Too much already taken from NDN country & really hope that the large cut in money from IHS is returned to the tribes. Can’t wait to hear about the outcome of this. Thanks for the update!


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