Refuel Your Body: KivaSun Bison Jerkey

So, I don’t like to play favorites, but my love of Tanka Bar will never change.  They’ve helped me with so many post run refuels that my belly and legs are grateful for!  I had the pleasure of visiting Tanka Bar Headquarters in South Dakota, my homeland, with my Ina (mother) and Kakala (grandfather or “lala” for short).  The staff, were amazing and really believe in the mission and product! We had a fun day, tried new product, and took home more product.  I’m excited to receive my next batch as I am now running low! So thank you Tanka Bar! I enjoy being an Ambassador and enjoy seeing Tanka Bar in a variety of stores around the DMV area. Also, happy to promote this product with a great friend, brother, and Olympian, Billy Nelson! As I embark on my journey to the Boston Marathon this April, you better believe that I will be refueling the body with Tanka Bar! So please, give them a try!

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However, I am always willing to try new products and support Native Owned companies and organizations. Which leads me to… KivaSun Bison Jerky.

A friend of mine, former teammate, and just a beast in running on and off the track, Joanna Murphy, contacted me for help on marketing.  We met in Boston, both running for New Balance Boston.  I know she probably won’t like that I am praising her but oh well.  She’s a talented runner, fierce, has bounced back from injuries that I haven’t seen anyone bounce back from that quickly, and genuinely a kind, sweet person.  It was always a joy to see her and travel with her to Cross Country Club Nationals or meets in general.  She had a strong and loud cheering voice, which always helped when you felt like you were going to hit the wall.

Now, she is working for SMACK! Media to launch this bison jerky for KivaSun Foods  in marketing and PR, founded by Notah Begay III, Navajo, decorated PGA golfer, and founder of the NB3 Foundation. The NB3 Foundation is a non-profit that combats Type 2 Diabetes in Native American Youth, where prevalence is high. KivaSun Foods was created to provide a healthy, high protein snack for those with diabetes, for athletes, and for snack lovers. This company really honors Native American heritage and traditions.

KivaSun: “Kiva” is a sacred meeting place for the Pueblo Indians of the SouthWest, where Tribal Members come to celebrate important events. “Sun” is a source of light, warmth, hope, optimism, and shared culturally.  Together, both compliment each other and create a strong meaning in the foundation of KivaSun Foods.

There are two flavors: Original and Hatch Chile. Bison is raised without antibiotics or hormones. No MSG. No nitrates.  Low fat. Good Source of Protein. Gluten Free. And lean cut.  For more facts, click link here.

Bison EffectKivaSunFoods. Bison VS Beef

So if you’re feeling adventurous, please give them a try!! I have yet to try it, but am anxiously awaiting my product in the mail.  For information: please contact or visit KivaSun Foods!




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