Lakota Winyan: 26.2 Miles to the Finish, Week 17

Hihanni Waste! Good Day!

The Boston Marathon is creepily approaching. And I say bring it. Don’t let week 17 fool you.  Yes, I am entering Week 17 of workouts.  The workouts have progressed, I have been feeling stronger (despite a recent cold), and starting to feel like myself again!  Week 1, was the basic low mileage week with 2 workouts that included 200 repeats with my best friend Stan from home, to a 25 minute Fartlek of 90sec ON/30sec OFF. Prior to Week 1 workouts, I was running for about 6 weeks  consistently with a day off every week, at my own pace, getting back into the swing of things.  As I mentioned in my blog announcement of the Boston Marathon, I had some hard times in 2015 all while battling a relapse with my eating disorder.  Thankfully, I am in control of it, my life is on right track, balancing everything, and motivated all the more to make sure I don’t have a set back.

I’m sure you’re wondering about all the weeks prior to Week 17…. but for times sake, I’ll just start with the last three weeks since the announcement.  Marathon training is something I have been looking forward to for the last few years but didn’t think I would be starting it this soon, but hey, I’m ready for it! My thoughts? I freaking love it! So far.  I get excited when I see my workouts from Coach, that there are doubles, shakeouts, hills and enjoy seeing the time for runs being extended from the 50-90 minute range.  Anticipation has been building for those Sunday long run days or 2 plus hour runs and then be completely useless to the world for the remainder of the day and just recover, rest, and eat.

Working on my endurance is key and building that threshold to consistently run at a good clip for an extended amount of time, just benefits me and gets that marathon pace closer in reach.  As the weeks have come and gone, I’ve found myself feeling that tired feeling, the leg heaviness, the soreness, the breakthroughs, the time dropping, the muscle definition, the need to buy clothes that fit now, and the excruciating hangry and fungry moments as I want to eat all the time.  The success to full time training, full time work, blogging, volunteering and trying to have somewhat of a social life (this is where priorities come in to play!), I would like to thank my family, my friends, new New Balance shoes, Tanka Bar, bananas, kale, Dunkin Donuts coffee, Crunchy Speculoos Cookie Butter, tons of chicken, liquid iron, compression socks, and naps! Weird assortment, I know.  There’s obviously plenty more to note, but I will save you the play by play of all the details of my eating habits, my snacks that I pack in every purse and backpack to “try” to avoid the whole snickers commercial moments. My family and my closest friends know that when Jordan doesn’t get a snack, you do whatever possible to make sure she doesn’t slip further into hanger.  It’s gotten to the point in the last few years that my parents and a few friends, pack extra snacks and not tell me, because they know I’ll quickly go through my snacks, all to avoid the hangry and quiet person I become when I am starving. Thanks guys! You rock.

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What am I learning? Patience.  This is something I am working on and getting better at.  I haven’t always been the best at this but with marathon training, you can’t force it or rush it.  You must believe in yourself, believe in your coach and the training, and it will fall into place, in time.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re an Olympian or a couch to 5k runner, if you have a goal and you’re focused, do it, and train smart. I have my goals for the Boston Marathon.  I have my realistic goal and the goal I am training for in workouts.  As to what that time goal is… maybe I’ll reveal those in time. But for now, no pressure.  Right now, it’s only me, my mind, my sanity, and the miles I log on my favorite running paths here in DC.  Also, since I am running for Billy Mills and native youth, a big part of my focus and motivation is for them and reaching my fundraising goal of $6,500! So, if you can, please click on the link (best to do so through a computer since link doesn’t work all the time on a phone), and donate or share the page!

Training has been going really well! And my body is adapting to it and eagerly awaiting what this weeks workout sessions will be.  I need to become less of a night owl which is hard, due to a plethora of projects I am working on or creating… can’t stop, won’t stop.  But I’ll figure it out!

As for workout day tomorrow, I know hills were mentioned by coach, that’s a joy! So, here is what the last 3 weeks of training have looked like for me:

Motivation from the last month? Family and my trip to Oregon (it’s a runner thing)! Family has always been my motivation, so my trip back home to South Dakota was truly great! Felt amazing to run in Lakota country, in the snow, and on those back country roads where my Ate drove the whole way with me! And Oregon, well, as I said before, it’s a runner thing.  But I didn’t expect to fall in love with more than Eugene/Tracktown, USA.  I fell in love with that coastline, the atmosphere, and the energy.

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Last but not least, the one thing I have been making sure I do every day whether it’s on a run or in the office, is to HAVE FUN and listen to a good playlist! I suggest adding Disarm You (ft. Ilsey) by Kaskade and Pick Your Poison (ft Kay) by Diplo and Datsik! Aside from my own expectations, ambitious motivations, my family, my friends, my cats, and speculoos cookie butter… it can be difficult to stay on track and not get stressed.  It can get tough, and I have encountered some rough patches, but with balance and putting one foot in front of the other, it will all work out.  And having fun, outside of all this or during work or a run, makes it that much easier and less stressful! So, to all my running/fitness peeps, have fun and don’t forget to just get weird, dance it off, and be a total goofball! Enjoy! Happy running! Happy training!

Visit and like the Facebook Page: Native in DC: Perspectives and Resources for Natives by a Native for more information relating to Indian Country!

Mitakuye Oyasin!



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